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Since 2000, BenePLAN has strived to provide the best service possible. Learn more about what others say about us.

What Our Referral Sources Have to Say:

“Always good to see you and hear the outstanding work you and your team do.”

Housing and Employment Coordinator, DMH, Central Mass


“BenePLAN is able to explain complicated information to individuals in ways that they will understand.”

CBFS Coordinator, Riverside Community Care


“My client is benefiting from the advice and insights of the BenePLAN sessions.”

MRC Counselor, Malden


“BenePLAN was extremely helpful in discussing work and benefits.”

MRC Counselor, Lowell


“BenePLAN was very helpful in assisting my client with an overpayment issue.”

MRC Counselor, Lowell


“BenePLAN has been rendering services to our clients for the past ten years.  They are a regular part of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission family in Lowell.  The knowledge that they bring to their appointments has proven to be invaluable for our clients.”

Area Director, MRC, Lowell


“Our clients are fortunate to find such a hard working and caring individuals as the members of BenePLAN. We are privileged to work along with BenePLAN and benefit from their assistance.”

Case Manager, DMH, Central Mass


What our Clients Have to Say:

“I am going to work on Sunday as an RN for the first time in two years.  I would not have done it without the information I received from BenePLAN.  This has been a blessing to me.”

"Just a note to express my appreciation. The information you provided was most helpful, and I really appreciate the time you took as well as your quick response.” 

“The meeting with BenePLAN was very informative and they made sure that both my husband and I had all our questions answered.” (From parents of a young adult with a disability)

“BenePLAN has been very helpful to me.  It’s a pleasure working with them, they have helped me a lot.”

“I was provided with ample information that was easy to digest and comprehend as well as the pleasure of a good discussion with a pleasant and patient service provider in BenePLAN.   Should I require your services in the future it would be my good fortune to receive them once again.”

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BenePLAN is a program of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research.  BenePLAN CWICs are trained and certified by Virginia Commonwealth University and they each possess extensive experience in employment and benefits.


Para conocer más sobre BenePLAN o localizer a un Coordinador de Incentivos para Trabajos Comunitarios en su área, llame sin cargo at: 1-877-YES-WORK (937-9675). Para obtener información en español, haga clic aquí.