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How Does BenePLAN Work?

Anyone receiving SSI and/or SSDI benefits, aged 14 to full retirement age who is working or planning to go to work is eligible for BenePLAN services.

  • Individuals, state agencies, service providers and family members can contact a Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC) for BenePLAN services by calling our toll free line at (877) 937-9675.
  • When you first contact a BenePLAN CWIC, you will be asked a few questions about your current employment situation and your Social Security benefit information. If it is determined that you should meet with the CWIC, they will send you two (2) “Consent for Release” Forms and a Referral Form coversheet.
  • Or you can downlaod and print the forms you need. BenePLAN Referral Packet
  • Please be sure that your Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth are on the top of the forms, sign and date the bottom of both and fill out the coversheet with your contact information. You can fax, or mail them back to the CWIC.
  • Once the CWIC receives the two forms from you, they will request your Benefits Planning Query from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This part of the process may take up to 10 business days.
  • The Benefits Planning Query provides detailed information about the benefits you receive, when you started to receive them and past earnings information. This will ensure that the CWIC has accurate knowledge of the benefits you receive and any work history you have, thus enabling her/him to provide you with an accurate analysis and plan about going to work and how working will affect your benefits.
  • When the CWIC receives the Benefit Planning Query, they will set up an appointment to meet with you.

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How We Can Help!

If you are receiving Social Security benefits as an individual with a disability, you may be wondering if you can go back to work. BenePLAN is here to tell you that “Yes, you can!” Our trained staff can show you how by assisting you to understand the many “Work Incentives” built into the Social Security disability benefits programs. 

BenePLAN staff will discuss the options you have regarding returning to work, and explain which Work Incentives are right for you and how to use them.

BenePLAN staff members are trained in a full range of state and federal public benefits available to individuals with disabilities, and can provide advice on:

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BenePLAN is a program of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research.  BenePLAN CWICs are trained and certified by Virginia Commonwealth University and they each possess extensive experience in employment and benefits.


Para conocer más sobre BenePLAN o localizer a un Coordinador de Incentivos para Trabajos Comunitarios en su área, llame sin cargo at: 1-877-YES-WORK (937-9675). Para obtener información en español, haga clic aquí.